Ballistic Solutions LLC is a home based federally licensed firearm dealer. We provide a variety of services including sales and transfers, custom coatings, repairs and maintenance.


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Ballistic Solutions LLC was founded in 2020 by Christopher Beem, a former Law Enforcement Officer and avid firearm enthusiast. He saw a need in Central Oregon for quality products and services at affordable prices. Chris has a wide range of professional training and specialized experience from his years on the job and in the firearm community. 


Chris started Ballistic Solutions LLC for one reason; to provide the best firearm solutions to the community at the best prices. If you're like us you've found that the hobby of sport shooting can get expensive. If you've ever cringed at a price tag or flinched in pain after receiving a repair quote you're not alone. We strive to be the ultimate solution in Central Oregon with the goal of making that dream gun a reality for the average Joe.

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